Bijou’s serves handcrafted Italian gelato and frozen yogurt. All products are made fresh on a daily basis and ingredients sourced from the best local suppliers. Our passion lies in making the best-tasting cold snack recipes that also happen to be the freshest, healthiest options for our customers. We love our gelato and so do our customers, more recently though, the clamor for frozen yogurt has also gotten much louder. While we’re no big frozen yogurt franchise chain, our customers trust our passion for making high-quality, healthy, and tasty treats. Check out our daily offerings here. Our healthy yogurt products that are made from many of the same fresh ingredients such as these, but with the addition of probiotics and other healthy goodness, has been met with great enthusiasm. Bijou’s gelato continue to be a popular favorite in the community, spawning ideas and interest from our customers for ways to serve our delectable Italian-style ice cream: from coffee toppers to the increasingly in demand ice cream puffs—ice cream in a bun like those seen on this site. The same goes for our frozen yogurt. With the help of our local business supplier, we have been able to develop and nurture the frozen yogurt arm of the business. We started out with Bijou’s Italian Gelato in the headline but these days, we’re also getting well known for our sugar free treats. This side of the business is growing by leaps and bounds with the help of our always interested buying public. Our products may be so-called treats because we try not to over-indulge. But with Bijou’s you can be certain that the cold treats your taste buds are enjoying are high-nutrition snacks for your body as well. It’s a no-guilt pleasure. As much as we love our cups of gelato and frozen yogurt, we serve other goodies as well; we’ve got pastries, coffee, soups, and sandwiches. Bijou’s is a great one-stop shop for all things delicious.