We all want to eat well when we eat out, so we tend. At the same time, there is a growing concern about the problem of obesity in the US, which is why healthy snacks such as frozen yogurt have become so popular. Unfortunately, there are a few really tasty dishes we like that can really put on the pounds, and should be avoided. Visit this site to know more. Here are specific ones that top the bill.

Warm Apple Crisp from The Cheesecake Factory

What can be more American than apple pie? However, at more than 1,700 calories for a slice of this ice cream-topped dessert (nearly three-fourths of the recommended daily calorie intake of the average man), it is not worth it. It also has a whopping 32 teaspoons of sugar, so it is enough to put a couple of diabetics in a coma.

Anything from the 2 for $12 Pick and Choose menu of Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Even if you choose a salad and deep-dish pizza, any two from the selection will average about 2,300 calories and a lot of salt. If you want to eat healthy and/or lose weight, steer clear. Check out our fast weight loss tips here

Herb Roasted Prime Rib by Outback Steakhouse

Prime rib is usually low in fat, but this dish comes with a wedge salad and baked potato slathered in dressing. You will cart home an extra 2,400 calories when you leave the place. You could just eat the meat, but that is still 1,400 calories. Compare that with a serving of a broiled pork chop at 211 calories, and you know you are better off eating at home.

It is a bit depressing when you consider how fast you can be digging your grave with a spoon by regularly indulging in these yummy dishes. It is enough to make you feel rebellious, isn’t it? An occasional lapse is okay. You can’t be good all the time, can you? Just keep in mind to keep it at a minimum.

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